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Dalv’s development history---

China Dalv Seedlings Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Taiwan Dalv Seedlings Incorporated Co., Ltd. It was founded buy Taiwan experts in Gaoxiong in 1972. From 1985, the fine varieties of Dalv watermelon and sweet melon started entering the mainland through various channels. Especially the new large and red watermelon and sweet melon varieties won widespread popularity on mainland rapidly after 1986, which were known all over the country and became the biggest sales among watermelon and sweet melon varieties. It made great contribution to the development of agriculture.

In order to adapt the development of times, to serve the agriculture, countryside and farmers better, Dalv Seedlings was moved from Taiwan to the so-called "small Taiwan" of Jiangsu city in Kunshan Province in 2001. Through stakes recapitalization and the authorization by state industrial and commercial bureau, China Dalv Seedlings Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established. The registered capital reached 60 million and it got the seed operation license issued by the department of agriculture. The company was located in modern demonstration area of Kunshan national agricultural comprehensive development zone, and the total assets was more than one hundred million yuan in 2006.

Due to the rapid development of industrial economy and other factors, it’s not suitable for Dalv to achieve better development in Kunshan. After more than a year’s negotiation with businessmen from Wenzhou, China Dalv Seedlings Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully purchased and restructured by Wenzhou businessmen. At the same time, the company headquarters was moved to modem agricultural comprehensive development zone in Taizhou City, Jiangshu Province where the traffic is more convenient, market is more closer, and it is more suitable for development. We will gradually invest and purchase land there, establish Dalv science & technology park, planting research park, and build new executive office building, scientific research building, storage and processing center, experts building, staff apartments and so on. We will grasp the big opportunity of new seed’s policy and ally friends in seed industry to create a brighter future with a brand-new look, modern enterprise management, more advanced operating concepts, more flexible markets operation thinking, and more pragmatic working style.
Kunshan Branch Principal: Sun Xianzhong 13913260320
Wei Jianqi 15850339625
Huaian Branch Principal: Wu Dexiang 13915168386
Zhejiang Branch Principal: Lian Hui 13819149931
Guangzhou Branch Principal: He Xianmin 13802870371